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In this roguelike we follow the story of Taylor, a farmer boy in a steampunk world. 

 When tragedy struck in his town he had to take matters into his own hands, but not without the help of Nyx, a priestess of Nelumbo.

Discover all the mysteries of this dark world.


- Mouse (aim, shoot, choose UI)

- A, W, S, D (movement)

- Space bar (shooting, advancing dialog)

- Q, E (swap weapons)

- Enter/Return (skip dialog)


- A short story told with many cliches, with an unexpected but cliche twist.

- Three different roguelike maps each with it's own unique boss.

- 5 unique attacks.

- 12 different enemies.

- 10 different in-game upgrades.

- 4 persistent upgrades.

Future updates:

- Sword and other melee weapons (already implemented but we have no art for it).

- More enemies (mechanical eagle almost ready).

- A new level.

- Two different new endings based on story choices.

- Skill tree instead of the 4 stat upgrades.

Game Off Game Jam:

This game was made in November of 2022 for the game jam "Game Off". 

The theme of the game jam was "cliché", and we applied it to the storytelling aspect, taking advantage of as many overused literary ideas as possible, starting with the name of the game itself (it follows the trendy name format "A __ of __ and __", popularized by G.R.R Martin).

The source code for this game can be found at https://github.com/crisdesivo/A-Prophecy-of-Steam-and-Punks

Other links:

- Parker Walker itch: https://parker-walker.itch.io/

- Amove itch: https://beanbunz.itch.io/

- Jetkyo itch: https://jetkyono.itch.io/


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